Magiconf dedicates an almost maniacal attention to every aspect of the production process. The vast experience it has gained over the years ensures the highest quality available today.   There are many production phases, but they all begin with the selection of the materials. The quality of the fabrics and every detail that makes up a single garment are the ingredients that result in excellent clothing. All of the other phases follow that first step


The creation of the garment includes the design and the first samples of it. This is, by definition, the most creative phase; it determines the nature of the garment and how it will be processed. It goes without saying that the designs we create are all in step with the latest trends in fashion and reflect the changing tastes and lifestyle of the consumer.


•    CUT
The cutting phase is a delicate procedure which, starting with the sample, allows us to go from the paper pattern to cloth, and it’s the one in which all projects begin to take shape. 



When all of the parts have been cut, the assembly of the garment begins and, therefore, the sewing. Every single element is handled with extreme care because it is during this phase that all the details of the end product begin to take on an even greater importance.


Once the trousers have been sewn together, it’s time for the washing and ironing phase, which allows us to deliver a garment that is perfect and ready to be worn.


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