Magiconf came about from the passion for clothing of an entire family and its roots are set in a well-established company manufacturing men’s and women’s clothing.  The garments made today have benefitted from a past that boasted such historic brands as The Seaway, now brought back to life with a fresh and modern flair.  That which has not changed is the care and attention given to the Made in Italy products. The first lines date back to 1968, but it was only in 1981 that the now-celebrated The Seaway line was born. It’s a brand which, over time and thanks to a deep passion for fashion, to the staff’s commitment to their work and the high quality of the product, grew and established itself on the domestic and international markets.  It has only been in recent times that, in order to respond to an increasingly flexible marketplace, the company underwent restructuring and management of it passed onto the second generation, so that now their experience and expertise can be offered to the major men’s clothing brands.


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